The "Kahlan" coat

$ 299.00

Our friend Kate (shown here) previously approached us with a request for the "Kahlan" dress she had been coveting but could not find anywhere. We made the dress for her and she loved it so much she asked us if we could now make her the Kahlan coat as seen on "The Legend of The Seeker."  The Kahlan dress turned out so nice we decided to try the coat as well.  This is our version of the Kahlan coat. It is made of a lightweight wool blend in a golden hued green. It laces down the front and is trimmed in intricately cut out faux leather. The sleeves lace all the way down from the shoulders to the wrist, which is detailed in full leather cutouts much like the front of the dress. The dress has a hood trimmed in suede and the dress zips down the back for ease of access. All of the seams of the coat open in thigh high slits. The belt is not included.

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