The "Kahlan" dress

$ 299.00

Our friend Kate (shown here) approached us with a request for a dress she had been coveting but could not fine anywhere.So, though we don't normally do custom work we said sure "We'll have a looksy" and that is all it took. We were instantly taken with "The Legend of The Seeker" and the beautiful Mother Confessor Kahlan. This is our version of Kahlan's dress.It is made of a sueded cotton, to give it an aged look. It laces up the front from the top of the thigh to the bust and features a full satin lined hood. It also has a zipper in the back for easy ins and outs. The sleeves are trimmed in an antique silver trim and fall into a split of flowing chiffon all the way to the floor. Underneath the dress is a fully gored black cotton skirt, included in the price of the dress.

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