Who we are

It started like this...two girls...Liz and Kirsten..we loved to have a good time...So much so, that we couldn't possibly imagine actually using, or in our minds, wasting our college degrees, math and art, on "real" jobs. So in 1995 in San Francisco, where we met at our crappy hotel jobs, we decided  to make a line of clothes that we would wear to go out in. We did just that! We came up with 30 samples, paid for a booth at the IFBS in NYC.and launched our line, Jeannie Nitro.  Neither of us had any experience in the rag trade but we were a quick study. It has been a learning experience since. Jeannie Nitro has been online as JeannieNitro.com since 1997 and has been showcasing our line of both old world inspired gowns, made of rich brocades and velvets as well as our playful, sassy and kitten cute short styles since. Our style runs the gamut from gothic beauty to naughty Lolita to punk princess. We believe that you should wear what you like when you want and feel empowered  doing so. When you put one of our gowns on you feel like a fairytale princess and when you flaunt it in one of our hot, heart items you feel like the sassiest, sexiest girl in the place. You will always be noticed wearing Jeannie Nitro.

We are currently located in San Clemente CA. We may be reached at 213 842 9674. We can be reached 9am-5PM PST Monday through Friday.

You may email us at info@jeannienitroclothing.com